Senate Gun Control Bill Fails to Get 60 Votes

Multiple Washington sources are reporting that the Senate version of a gun control bill that would have expanded federal background checks to gun show and internet sales has failed in the Senate, 54-46.

The Manchin-Toomey version of the bill would have exempted private sales between friends and acquaintances.  Only four Republicans voted for the bill and five Democrats voted against it.  Sen. Harry Reid voted against it but that means he can resurrect it, which would require many changes to the broader underlying bill that had garnered even less support.

This means that none of the left’s three-pronged efforts on gun control — background checks, high-capacity clips and cosmetically enhanced semiautomatic weapons — have enough votes in Washington, despite emotional appeals marshalled by the adminstration.

Perhaps the unassailable logic hammered over and over that these legislative maneuvers would have no impact on the tragedies like those in Connecticut and Colorado have had an impact.  So also, under increasingly obvious examples of federal government overreach by this administration, the specter of a federal universal background check requirement in place, requiring only one more “loophole” closing by Congress to get to federal gun ownership registration, has gotten more citizen attention.

New legislation in New York state requiring owners of dozens of weapons the state has re-classified as “assault weapons” to register them went into effect April 15.  Gun owners have one year to register their ownership of these weapons.

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