Catching Up on the Flow of Events

We’re checking into reports that a certain tick, nicknamed the Lone Star tick because of a white mark on its back, may be the cause of sudden meat allergies.  Naturally, ABC jumped on the story very early.  You won’t believe their spin on it.  But you will want to know about this, as this tick is prevalent in the southern part of the country and we can foresee some concern among ranchers who have wildlife hunting operations.  The last thing one wants is to go on a great hunting expedition, celebrate with a big steak at the hunting lodge and then go into severe allergic reaction a few hours later because of a tick bite.  Several hundred people have reported occurrences and this is the first scientific information regarding the cause.

R-CALF has been parading former GIPSA Administrator J. Dudley Butler around the northern plains, having him tell his version of why the regressive, destructive and legal-friendly proposed GIPSA Rule stalled.  What is his story?  We’ll have some answers in our e-newsletter, the AFF Sentinel, in coming days.  Sen. Grassley of Iowa wanted to attach an amendment prohibiting packer ownership of livestock in the Senate Ag Committee version of the bill but he didn’t have but a few votes and it did not happen.  The Senate version was amended and passed this week.  The House is planning to take it up in mid-July.  More Farm Bill info on the way.

Of course, the coming week could be one of the most exciting in history, as it could mark the high tide of big government in America.  We’ve heard at least one pundit refer to it as the Gettysburg of the leftist movement, the high watermark and start of a receding tide of government interference in the marketplace and our personal lives.  Nothing has more symbolized overbearing government — in fact was the catalyst for many folks joining the Tea Party movement — than the Obamacare law.  That decision by the Supreme Court is widely expected this week.

In addition, just one part of the administration’s effort to slap down state governments’ attempt to serve their citizens is also due a reading from the Supreme Court.  Several states have been sued or received orders trying to stop efforts to properly determine the identity or the alive-or-dead status of voters.  This week will determine whether a state can require its law enforcement officers to uphold state law concurrent with federal law, in the case of Arizona’s government trying to serve its border citizens so abandoned and harassed by the federal government.

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