How Big Government Works

Something struck me the other day – another trick big government’s advocates use to further expand its reach.  When there appears an area where government advocates want the government to take over control and provide for the people, they plant the idea in the culture that this or that service or product is a “right.”

 It doesn’t matter to them if the law or the Constitution regards it as a right.  That is not the point.  Even if the product or service could more appropriately be termed a “want,” not even a “need” much less a “right,” the issue is described as a “right” over and over, in the media, in communities and by advocacy groups, until many folks believe it is so.  Just because some things might make life better or easier for some people, does not make it a right, something that the federal government is obligated to provide.

 Yet so many of the things that, in total, swell our federal budget are regarded as “rights” by some segments of the electorate, even though there is no possible Constitutional authority for providing such products and services.  It is many of these faux “rights” that not only overwhelm our ability to pay for them but cloud the culture’s notion of individual freedom and individually responsibility.

 A perfect example of this technique has been provided recently over the questions regarding the federal government’s attempt to provide contraception and abortion services through Obamacare.  First, the notion has been planted and nurtured over recent decades by the left and women’s groups that such services and products are “rights,” regardless of an absolute lack of any Constitutional underpinning for such a notion.  Secondly, the sweeping health care law the left championed mandates that the “right” shall be provided.  Thirdly, the question of forcing the unwilling to accept the provision of such services or paying for them is treated as an assault on others’ Constitutional “rights.”  Fourthly, the objection to the federal government providing and mandating these “rights” is twisted by the big government advocates as falsely claiming the conservatives want to abolish anyone’s availability to contraception, that they want to outlaw it.

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