Sudden Showdown on EPA’s Attack on Carbon Imminent

Harry Reid opened the gate just a crack, Mitch McConnell quickly jumped in the gap and Senators opposed to the EPA’s abuse of the Clean Air Act to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy could bull their way through the gate as early as Tuesday of this week.  The key will be getting enough Democratic Senators to vote for McConnell’s amendment, several of whom are from states animal agriculture has some influence in.

 McConnell’s amendment would forever strip EPA of the authority for carbon regulation, unless Congress expressly passes such legislative authority.  Sen. Max Baucus has offered a rival amendment that the Wall Street Journal labels “political veneer,” (“The Senate’s EPA Showdown,” 03/28/11).  While Baucus would exempt some farms and businesses, the entire rest of the economy would get hammered, and of course, so would the “exempt” farms and businesses in other costs.  West Virginia’s John Rockefeller is sponsoring a two-year delay that would kick the can down the road, as Congress has been doing with most things important.

 By now, nearly every average American has finally gotten the message that higher energy costs hit every citizen, not just the businesses the enviros paint as bad guys.  Rising gasoline, heating oil and food prices have made the point.  We believe gas prices rising above $4.00 in the summer of 2008 while Nancy Pelosi blatantly refused to consider drilling authorization the beginning of revelation for many consumers.  The glimmer was that there really is a connection between not allowing oil companies to drill for oil and the price of gasoline at the pump.  Shazaam!

 Now, the question is whether enough Democrats want to see Obama’s cherished dream of skyrocketing electricity prices added to other rising energy costs.  The Journal points out that the power plants to generate electricity for growing demand are not being built because no one knows what the regulations will be like and EPA’s Lisa Jackson is trying to throttle or shut down the coal fired plants we have.  A former Shell Oil CEO made the same point recently about oil.  Oil companies plan where and how to drill a decade ahead.  Yet Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has already decided not to auction off any leases on government land between 2012 – 2017.  Does he think we’ll have reliable solar powered airplanes and trucks by then?  Will we all be on windmills for electricity?  Or does he just prefer to inflict economic pain on voters?

 This has all come about because Obama tried to bluff Congress into passing a Cap-and-Trade bill by threatening to turn vicious Lisa loose on the energy industry if they didn’t.  The House went for it, beaten, whipped and pushed by Nancy Pelosi but the Senate did not.  Lisa has proposed any number of regulations and controls that would damage the economy and  —  through higher fuel, fertilizer and dust management costs — brutalize agriculture.

 Now, there is a chance to pull back from the brink.  The House has been holding some oversight hearings – one recently with Lisa Jackson herself – trying to demonstrate that it is not – as the Journal put it so well – a “potted plant.”  Now the Senate needs to demonstrate that, when it comes to oversight of galloping federal agencies, it too is not a potted plant.

 Is there something you can do?  Reinforce your Republican senators, if you have them.  Otherwise, the Journal lists these Democratic senators as the ones most likely to vote for McConnell’s amendment and pull Lisa’s chain: Tim Johnson, S.D.; Kent Conrad, N.D.; Ben Nelson, NE.; Claire McCaskill, MO.; Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, MI.; Amy Klobuchar, MN.; Sherrod Brown, OH.; Bob Casey, PA.; Tom Carper, DE.; Mary Landrieu, LA.; Jim Webb, VA. and John Rockefeller and Joe Manchin, W.V.

 If you want to do something to cut your costs of operation, the cost of inputs and ease the load on your customers from energy costs so they have money to buy beef and pork, contact your senators now.  Click here for senate website to get direct phone numbers and e-mail forms.    Tell them to make themselves useful, vote for McConnell’s amendment and distinguish themselves from potted plants.

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