How Not to Build Confidence in Beef

Just before Thanksgiving a couple falls ago, I received a post card that took me quite aback.  As a person involved in the beef industry since childhood, it was certainly not the way I looked at Thanksgiving dinner and certainly not the way I regarded American beef production.  Here is what I saw:

How to Introduce Fear & Trepidation into Holiday Dining!

Here was the flip side:

Introducing Distortion for Dinner

Mike Callicrate’s selling proposition is that everything you’ve been eating up to now is hazardous and only his beef is safe to eat.  We won’t attempt to cover all the fallacies in that approach in a short post but it goes to show how far some people will go disregarding facts, science and human experience to market a product.  Callicrate aims not to persuade you but shock and scare you.  There are lots of health and nutrition points showing there is almost no difference in the beef end product produced by mainstream American beef producers and Callicrate’s product from the human health and nutrition standpoint.  Differences might occur due to genetics, feeding, management and processing but they are mostly a matter of preference and certainly not beef safety.

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  1. My question with the ridiculous ad is what the hell is Lamb Buffalo? Some kind of genetically engineered beast? The goofball forgot a comma.

    Buddy Collins

  2. In my experience the one that is the most vehement about what your position, the more likely they are to be accurate. In this case Mr. Dittmer seems to be more than a little antagonistec against Mr Callicrate. With that in mind I would surmise that Mr Callicrate might just be on to something. Something that Mr Dittmer doesn’t want exposed. Just sayin’.

  3. The trouble with this ad, and agriculture in general, is that the attacks are destructive for the entire industry. It shouldn’t be small farmer vs big farmer, organic vs traditional ag– farmers should support one another’s ability to make a living in a way that they see fit. While my family is traditional cow-calf producers, I sincerely hope that those who endeavor to producer all natural, grass fed, or organic beef do well because it is good for the entire industry to meet the desires of those consumers who prefer that product. I hope that these other producers support our decisions as well. Attacking one another just pulls down the entire industry, just as mudslinging politicians often end up in the quagmire themselves.

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