Outgoing Congress Tries Ultimate Revenge on Voters

It’s taken years and some really outrageous actions by this Administration and Congress for the conservative and conservative-leaning independents in America to wake up.  But the left and its leadership in Congress is not leaving Washington without every last lick it can get in.

 Trying to get the Dream Act, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the START treaty slipped through was part of their plan.  But the latest move, dropped on Congressional member desks Tuesday afternoon, was bold even for this bunch.

 I believe this is the only Congress that in the two years of its session never passed a budget and passed no major appropriations bills.  Some 13 appropriations bills are supposed to be passed each year, and just like last year, this year’s Congressional session didn’t pass any.  They apparently did not want voters to be able to point to black-and-white evidence of their spending profligacy before an election.  The government has been operating on a procession of Continuing Resolutions, allowing the government to operate at 2008 levels.

 But in a colossal insult to the voters angered and concerned about spending in the election just past, the leadership of this Congress is trying to pass an omnibus spending bill – 12 spending bills wrapped into one monster —  that would bind the new Congress to a bloated, earmark-laden budget passed by the repudiated outgoing Congress.  It is difficult to convey the absolute contempt thus hurled by Pelosi and Reid and ilk without reaching for obscene expressions.

 In nearly 2,000 pages, the Omnibus bill lays out some $1.1 trillion in spending and thousands of earmarks.  Delivered to members’ desks Tuesday afternoon, the members are supposed to have read and digested such a monster and be ready to vote on it before the latest Continuing Resolution expires this Saturday, the 18th.

 We suggest they not bother with the impossible task of digesting it and just be very sure to vote “no.”  Pass another brief Continuing Resolution to get us through to the next Congress and shoot down Reid and Pelosi’s last nasty outrage directed at America and her citizens.

  Once again, it is time to contact your members of Congress if you agree and tell them not to do something colossally irresponsible and diametrically opposed to what you voted for one month ago.

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  1. $8.1 billion in earmarks, and half of them are Republicans that stated they wanted to get rid of earmarks.

    How about them apples?

    • True, not only some of, but the biggest earmarker of all was Republican Thad Cochran of Mississippi. But to be fair, the leadership went back way back to the beginning of the year hunting earmarks, without checking with members to see if they still wanted them, to make sure they had Republicans to embarass. Some of them had voted to ban earmarks since the initial requests were made. More to the point, earmarks are used as bargaining chips to get dubious legislation passed and that’s why they should be banned. More often than not, they provide funding for things the federal government shouldn’t be doing anyway or things that should be part of existing programs and budgets.

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