The name of the game now is turnout.

In the uproar over the GIPSA Rule, we haven’t touched on election year politics for awhile.  The Rule is just one of many items we either wouldn’t have to fight at all or would have more help to fight, if a different party was in power.  Two-thirds of the game changed in 2006 when the Democrats took over both houses of Congress and the agendas changed over to big government, far-left extreme activism and spending to back up those causes.

USDA, DOJ and EPA are prime examples of agencies which have felt they had carte blanche to push farther and farther beyond the authority given them by law to push activist agendas as far as they could.  Congressional Democratic leadership has certainly not moved to rein them in.  So businesses of all types are facing increasing regulation, restriction and compliance costs with little help from Congress to slow or stop it.

That scenario is just one of several factors forcing most companies to keep their powder dry rather than expand and hire.  Even stronger overseas demand compared to domestic demand is hard to take further advantage of, as President Obama continues to do almost nothing to expand trade, sitting on free trade agreements while pretending to favor exports.

Those of the conservative bent need to take matters into their own handsTurnout – that is, making sure more conservative folks get out and vote than the Democrats can muster – will determine just how much power conservatives will have after this election.  Canvas your friends, your acquaintances and your community.  Talk up the election.  Use those Suburbans and Expeditions.  Make sure everyone who needs one gets a gentle reminder or a ride to the polls.  This is no ordinary election.  The future of the country depends on you.  You’ve seen what the left has done and what they plan for the future.  If you’re not happy about it, get in gear.

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