There are two lousy feelings that you can have on the day after an election.  One, is the feeling that it you yourself personally and a few others you could have inspired would have just done a little more, the vote would have gone your way.  The other is, you and your like-minded friends and colleagues did everything they could but it still wasn’t enough.

I don’t know about you but the feeling I’d least like to have is the former, where efforts had been left on the table.  By contrast, how many times have you heard an athlete tell the interviewer that he left everything he had out on the field?

I’m no election or political junkie.  But like many in this country, the events of the last few years in Washington have convinced me it’s all or nothing time.  The left-led Congress since 2006 and POR – the Pelosi-Obama-Reid triumvirate – have convinced even the most recalcitrant, non-political cattlemen that ignoring politics and its effect on economics, business and individual liberty is no longer an option.

Part of my speech to the recent Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame banquet noted that many of us have been responsible for the fix we’re in.  For years, many good folks have been busy running a business, doing their job, raising a family and ignoring the political world.  That’s how we got a national Capitol filled with politicians – both Republican and Democrat – whose allegiance was not to the voters, not to the Constitution and not to creating a good environment for business to operate in but to getting re-elected – at any cost.  We neglected our civic duty.  It is time for that to change.

The good news is that for those of a true conservative political bent, those who believe in the free market system and believe the Constitution looms more relevant than ever in these turbulent times, things appear trending so that even the best of those lousy endings above could be off the table.  We could be looking at a major victory, a resounding turnaround of the political ship in America.   What could be better than what we’ve referred to in recent years as a “slumbering electorate” galvanized into a wide-awake, informed, active, motivated voting flood? 

Both in recent speeches and personal conversations, I’ve induced pensive looks on people’s faces with this question.  When was the last time you recall literally hundreds of thousands of average, middle-aged Americans and senior citizens across America painting signs and marching in streets and demonstrating in parks?  They can’t think of any.  Maybe WWII bond rallies in support of America.

Even the reluctant political commentators are grudgingly admitting the turning tide could be huge.  We’ll chronicle some of their predictions.  But everyone must do their part.  Dick Morris reminded everyone recently that it is the last 7-10 days before an election that tells the tale.  That is when the totally nonpolitical types first start paying attention.  We must not let those types among us wake up that late, not knowing the stakes, the score and the play.  The clock is ticking.

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